Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Volunteer Update - Week 26

Week 26 Volunteers

"Staying at Neuras has been such an exceptional experience; seeing Sossusvlei, the infamous dunes and Dead Vlei was absolutely amazing. It was such a unique landscape and so amazing to see. 
Going to the Namib Carnivore Conservation Centre (NCCC) and seeing the cheetahs was also incredible, never before would I have thought that I would be so close to cheetahs. Getting to observe their behaviour allowed me to understand them so much more; it was so beneficial to me personally considering I want to work in this field later on in life. It was such an amazing stay I hope I get to come back soon."

Madi Schuller-Chan.

"Traveling to the NCCC for the day was amazing. Being able to track via radio collaring, 6 unreleasable cheetahs in a 500ha enclosure was cool. We were also able to feed all of them which was unreal, and the photography opportunities were so good as my friend took a "National Geographic" shot:
See, so cool! Feeding and tracking a definite highlight, but tracking I thought was the most interesting. The whole time with research has been great!"

Sarah Cheney.

"We had been tracking Lightning the Leopard and were worried about the fact she had not been moving for three days. It was suspected that she could have been injured or hurt. We went to her location and everything seemed fine and her radio signal was moving; we then considered that she could be with cubs. We returned the next morning to place a camera trap close to her location but then we found a large Warthog Kill, which then explained her lack of movement for the last three days. It was incredible to see her patterns. 
Another incredible thing was how we got to track down the 6 cheetahs at the NCCC and getting to throw the food to them when they are so close. The enrichment item we gave to Teddy and Ayla was great; watching them struggle with the boxes to earn their food was classic!"
Stephanie Harvey.

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