Saturday, 12 July 2014

Volunteer Update - Week 25

Week 25 volunteers: Teagan, Bree, Emily, Madeline, Lisa, Grushenka, Aswini, Kelly, Rita and Georgina.  And introducing staff member Karl Fester.

"When I came to this place I wasn't expecting something as good as what I found. I loved this and the people involved with the programme were very helpful. I initially came for one week but I will now spend another two weeks here - that is how much i like it!
From the first day I felt good vibes. The landscape is beautiful, and I really enjoy the car rides to our activities as the view is different every day. I thank all the team here for the experience."
Grushenka Vucetich

"My experience at Neuras thus far surpassed my expectations. It has been a privilege to assist such knowledgeable researchers and to gain experience in the field that will be valuable to my future research endeavors. Neuras is such a unique desert oasis, full of beautiful scenery, delicious food and wine and the friendliest staff you can find.....not to mention it's a birders paradise; it will be hard to leave!"
Aswini Cherukin.

"The highlight of the week has to be the six and a half hour "leisurely stroll" up and down the seemingly endless mountains of Neuras with Matt. This was to make note of any gaps in the perimeter fence. With the job complete and as complete exhaustion hit walking back to Neuras along the main road a friendly passer by helped ensure neither of us would have to carry back/drag/abandon the other. Nevertheless the trip was worth it for the wonderful views and massive sense of satisfaction at the end. The lovely lasagne for dinner that night could not have come at a better time, nor had I ever appreciated the amazingly comfortable beds at Neuras quite so much!"
Georgina Jones.

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