Wish List

Financial donations are not the only way to assist conservation projects such as Neuras. Below is a list of items that would help us enormously in our day to day efforts, any of which we would be extremely grateful to receive.

If you wish to help please contact us for more information at:


SD Cards and Readers
Our camera traps use SD cards to store the often thousands of photos taken. It is always handy to have many available in case they break or get lost in the field.

Rechargeable AA Batteries and Charger packs
Our camera traps use AA batteries that need to be changed on average every 2-3 weeks. Rechargeable batteries are the perfect solution to ensure we cut cost and remain eco-friendly. 

Guide Books
We are always keen to add to our book collection. Any guide books about Southern African flora and fauna would be used daily often by our volunteers and tourists, especially those studying for our Eco-challenge activity!

Portable Hard Drives
 The amount of data we are collecting from game counts to camera trap images is ever increasing and we are in need of extra storage space and for back ups. 

Long Range Walkie-Talkies
We have many jobs to do here at Neuras requiring two teams of volunteers heading out into the field to carry out game counts, check camera traps and explore the area. We have very limited cell phone service here; therefore it would be extremely helpful for us to be in constant communication through walkie talkies to co-ordinate our efforts and in case of a vehicle breakdown.

Range Finders
These would be very helpful during our weekly game counts ensuring we have accurate data for the distances we observe our animals. 
Camera Traps
Camera traps are an essential part of our work. Through working with various models over several years we have developed a preference for smaller cameras that require AA batteries such as the Busnell Trophy Cam and Moultries' M-880 Digital Game Camera.
These models are easy to use, reliable and take high quality pictures and therefore fall at a higher price range than other models. If you wished to sponsor such a camera we would ensure you remain informed of the animals we have captured using it!

Games and DVDS
Finally, these of course are not crucial to our work but it is nice to have something to entertain ourselves with here in the middle of the bush so we would be very grateful to receive any old card/board games and DVDs that you no longer use :)

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