Monday, 7 July 2014

Volunteer Update - Week 24

Week 24 volunteers: Keith Marshall, Julia Minter, Ayla Tatti, Sarah Mitchell, Georgina Jones and Lisa Paterson.

"I really enjoyed being at Neuras. We do something different everyday. My Favourite thing we did was go to the Namib Carnivore Conservation Fund to feed the cheetahs, It was actually my favourite day of entire trip. We got to be so close to the cheetahs and take incredible pictures. We were only5 feet away from some of the cheetahs which was awesome as you can really appreciate how beautiful they are.
As for the staff, Matt and Kate, as well as the workers and cooks are amazing. Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable. Coming to Neuras is a great chance to see the conservation part of N/a'an ku se; like tracking carnivore tracks, checking camera traps and seeing if anything was caught in the trap cages. All in all this is a wonderful place to volunteer."

Julia Minter

"I really enjoyed Neuras. I had a really good time. The staff are really nice and there is a good atmosphere. I loved the cheetahs and the trip to Sossusvlei and I am sad to leave. Thank you for the really really good time! "
Ayla Tatti

"I spent one week here and really enjoyed it. My favourite activity was going to the Namib Carnivore Conservation Centre and feeding the cheetahs up close. The weather is great in this area. There is a lot of hiking but its not too much and it is worth it when the camera traps reveal something good. Also, the pizza during pizza night was delicious!"
Keith Marshall.

Namibia's most beautiful landscape.

Exhilarating hikes up breathtaking sand dunes.

Unbelievable scenery.

Relaxing atmosphere surrounded by friendly people.

Amazing up close encounters with Cheetahs.

Sad, so incredibly sad to leave!
Sarah Mitchell.

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