Friday, 27 June 2014

Volunteer Update - Week 23

Week 23 volunteers: Georgina Jones, Lucinda Abberley, James Orr, Lyndsay Walsh, Courtney, Lea Kemmer, Karen Baylioo and David Newell.

So the volunteer updates have been a bit thin on the ground recently, my apologies for that. Kate and I first had a break in the States for her little sisters wedding and then I became really sick with what was eventually diagnosed as a kidney stone. The stone thankfully has passed thanks to a doctor prescribed three day beer drinking session and normal service can now be resumed!  - Matt

"The week at Neuras was unbelievable. I never felt down for a nano second. Hot showers, warm beds, great food and great people. I felt like I didn't deserve to be treated so well! Every day is an adventure in the vast open environment at Neuras. 
The work Matt and Kate do is phenomenal. My top moments were the crazy trip to Sossusvlei; tracking Lightning and every single meal. An underrated feature is the thee amazing dogs who provide endless entertainment and the epic movie nights; especially STARCRASH!!!!!
Note from Matt - Starcrash is an amazingly awful Italian Star Wars rip off with David Hasselhoff from 1978 (no seriously, it does exist) for which I have created the world's best drinking game! For rules please feel free to drop me a line! 

David Newell.

"My favourite moment was pizza night; because it was so nice to all sit around together with Matt and Kate, and the pizza was sooooo good! Matt made me a Marmite dough ball which was AMAZING, and played some great music too. Even better was that there was enough pizza left over that we could have cold pizza the next day! Such a nice evening."
Lucinda Abberley.

"Best moments - The sundowner, being able to sit in the middle of no where and watch the sun set is magical and tracking Lightning was scary but special. I enjoyed learning about the camera traps, setting them up, finding them with the GPS and checking the pictures. The Namib Carnivore Conservation Centre and Sossusvlei were both amazing places to visit and pizza night was great. Thanks Matt and Kate for a fun and educational time. "
Karen Baylioo.

"I have fallen in love with Neuras and can't face leaving so I have extended my stay! Highlights so far include the stunning scenery, comfortable accommodation, dune climbs and scrambling up a mountain. We've all had an amazing time and if you want to see the true beauty of Namibia you should not hesitate on jumping on that bus to come down south."  
Georgina Jones

"Really glad I came to Neuras, it was a brilliant first hand experience to see how the tracking of cheetahs and leopards work. We got to help set up trap cages, check the camera traps and use radio-telemetry gear to actually track a leopard - we got so close to Lightning but she was too well disguised amongst thick reeds for us to see her.  Hiking  up the dunes and running (falling) back down was also unforgettable. Overall an amazing week, especially helpful as I hope to study Zoology and this gave me a chance to see what conservationists do day to day."
Lyndsay Walsh.

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