Monday, 11 August 2014

Volunteer Update - Weeks 28 to 31

Week 28 Volunteers.

Poppy Stanbury.

Week 29 Volunteers.

Week 30 Volunteers.

"What we liked most and caught our attention was the different ways to search for the big cats; VHF and GPS tracking, observation of tracks and scatology.  Although, despite all these efforts and the ways and the many tracks it is very difficult to spot the animals as they really melt into the surroundings!
The trip to the Namib Carnivore Conservation Centre gave a close look at the way cheetahs respond to humans, moreover it is great to have a place that large for cheetah that cannot be released back into the wild."
Robert Vanden Eede and Christel Pissoort.

Ellie Cole.

Canyon hike in search of leopard caves (no luck this time but still a great view!)

Week 31 volunteers.

"Volunteering at Neuras was a very special experience. Researchers, staff and coordinators were so knowledgeable, friendly and engaging. Merlot the Kudu crept into my heart and I wish him a long happy life in the wild soon. Thanks Matt for performing "Superman" jumps numerous times at Sossusvlei. Neuras is a magical adventure and definitely worth a second visit!"

Lesley Ings.

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