Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Namibia is Ebola Free: Information for Future Visitors

Dear N/a’an ku sê friends, volunteers and guests.

In light of the recent Ebola focus in the media, we would like to soothe anyone’s worries about traveling to Namibia. 

The Ebola Virus has not erupted in Namibia, it is still safe to visit the most beautiful African Country.

Namibia is situated in the far southwest of Africa and is Ebola free. Namibia is one of the safest countries to travel to and around on the whole African Continent.

West Africa (where Ebola indeed is a hazard,) is much further away from Namibia than it is even from Europe. For example:

Windhoek to Sierra Leone : 8100km
Madrid to Sierra Leone : 5000km

There are also NO frequent travel connections (e.g. buses, trains or vehicles) along African routes like there are in Europe. Most of the air traffic coming directly into Windhoek is from Europe and not from African countries. At airports and borders official healthcare units scrupulously examine every single passenger before granting entry.

Last and not least, N/a’an ku sê prides itself on being the only organisation in Namibia catering for guests and volunteers that has a qualified doctor on the premises.
Dr. Rudie van Vuuren, founder of N/a’an ku sê, has infectious diseases as an area of expertise. He has dealt with hemorrhagic diseases like Ebola before, meaning you are safe in Namibia and well looked after at N/a’an ku sê.

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