Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Volunteer Update - Week Nine

Week Nine volunteers: Eirin Barkhall, Paula Amis, Mark Amis, Millie Tuper, Christiane Lehmann and Yasin Oezkaymer.

"I've had a brilliant week at Neuras this week. We tracked Lightning the leopard, checked camera traps, did game counts and so much more!I loved the challenge of climbing "Big Daddy" at Sossusvlei and even more running down it! 
My favourite thing would have to be feeding and seeing all the cheetahs at the Namib Carnivore Conservation Centre (NCCC), because you really got to see them up close and it was brilliant when they played with the Elephant we made for them :) "
Milie Tupper

"Neuras provides opportunities both to work hands on with research and carnivores as well as experience the nature of Namibia. This variation in activities have made my stay here a lovely time. My favourite thing must be when drove to the NCCC and fed the cheetahs that live in the 500ha 'soft-release' camp. To see cheetahs that close feeding surely is a once in a lifetime experience, and there are not many places where such an experience would be possible. 
Climbing (and running down) "Big Daddy" was also a highlight and I have really enjoyed the long dinners with the other volunteers and our co-ordinators, with great cooking by Martha and the rest of the kitchen ladies." 
Eirin Barkhall

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