Sunday, 23 March 2014

Volunteer Update - Week Seven

Week Seven volunteers: Sina Dommermuth, Kira Voss, Rebecca Slevin, Inge Corino, Hugh Mckinstry, Caroline Jones, Johanna Jacobsson and Esther van Bergen.

"Thanks for an amazing week! Neuras truly is a little piece of paradise. Loved the trip to Sossusvlei, feeding the cheetahs at the Namib Carnivore Conservation Centre (NCCC) and just generally being able to contribute to the conservation research (particularly the big carnivores).  
I also enjoyed the hikes, though some were grueling in the hot Namibian sun. Hope you'll have heaps of game returning to the area and lots of success with the conservation efforts and winery. Thanks for all the good care and I hope to return again. 

PS- The food was great and the pizzas are AMAZING" :)
Esther van Bergen

"To sum up my first week at Neuras I would say an experience I will never forget. Experiences like walking 18km through a beautiful canyon and getting to the end to jump into a natural fountain, feeding the cheetahs at the NCCC and getting to the top of "Big Daddy" at Sossusvlei. 
Matt and Kate have made the week amazing and unforgettable- especially pizza night! :)"

Caroline Jones

Just to mention Kate and I promise that we have not forced our volunteers to big up our pizza, it realy is that good!!! :) Johanna Jacobsson decided to put her feelings about her week into picture form, enjoy:

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