Sunday, 23 February 2014

Volunteer Updates - Weeks Two & Three 2014

Week Two 

"While at Neuras we got to go on two different day trips, one to  the cheetah release site at the Namib Carnivore Conservation Centre at Solitaire; and the other to the Sossusvlei sand dunes, we would highly recommend both trips. While at Solitaire we had close encounters with the 6 ambassador cheetahs while feeding them, we even got to leave the vehicle to watch them closely. 
At Sossusvlei we got the chance to conquer ‘Big Daddy’ which at its highest was around 900m above sea level!! This was an amazing experience and the view from the top was unreal. The best part of the experience was the run down from top to bottom into the salt pan at high speeds. We had lunch at the near by lodge which was delicious.

On route back to Neuras we had the luxury of washing away all the remains of Big Daddy by taking a dip in the refreshing, natural fountain. This was also another great photo opportunity!

"As well as the trips, the time we spent at Neuras was over all an enjoyable experience for all ages. We got the chance to learn about the different ways of tracking the carnivores both through remote and field activities, unfortunately we couldn’t spot Lightning after receiving a very clear signal, she must’ve been very well camouflaged.

In our spare time we had the chance to watch dvds, relax by the pool and play board games. Depending on the time you arrive you may get the chance to help out with the production/labelling/bottling of the wine."
By Odd Seergabat, Birgit Pugner, Richard Myers, Jack Kempe, Sarah Walsh and Chloe West.
 Week Three  
"Our trip to Neuras got off to a great start with sundowner on a small cliff with an amazing view. We then got to help with the annual grape harvest, track a leopard, get up close to cheetahs at the NCCC  and check the camera traps and sort the photos.
A big highlight was the trip to Sossusvlei - climbing to the top of the sand dunes was incredible! All in all the week at Neuras was an amazing experience. I think if you want to see a lot of Namibia this is the place to go. On top of it all the staff and food is fantastic. You should definitely come here if you get the chance!"

By Matidla Faessler

"During our week at Neuras we experienced incredible views, including great sightings of wildlife on our daily drives in the field such as Zebra, Ostrich and Kudu. 

Getting close and feeding the cheetahs at the NCCC was a really cool experience., and it has to be said the cooks here are the bomb! and the Buffet lunch included in the Sossusvlei trip was a dream! The trip overall was great and I learned tonnes."

By Ian Cumming

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